How to Easily and Cheaply Make DIY Tripod iPhone

Is your old tripod does not compatible with your smartphone? To support your experience when taking pictures, you need a suitable tripod. There are actually many of them available in the market. The adapters come in different specs and details. Why purchasing if you can make one? In this article, you will learn how to do it yourself tripod iPhone. It is each, easy to build and surely sturdy in becoming your iPhone adapter.

diy tripod iphone

DIY tripod iPhone on this post is for sure simple to make. There are some basic ingredients to collect:

  • Tripod
  • 3 rubber bands
  • 2 large binder clips

How to DIY Tripod iPhone Steps

  • First of all, the binder clips are to be attached on the tripod base opposite sides. This will let you see whether your smartphone fits in or not. Depending on the size of your phone, the amount of binder clip is relative. One binder clip onto the other will be just nice for smaller phones.
  • In order to help your phone in place, you can fix a rubber band to the binder clips’ handles. Just make sure of the crossed over central rubber band at least once. It should like shown by the picture below.

double binder clips smartphone tripod mount

Another Super Quick and Easy DIY Smartphone Mount

The ingredients you need to gather are:

  • Pliers
  • Duct tape
  • Tripod
  • Binder clip (large enough for holding your phone)
  • 1/4” wing nut or hex nut (or you can also use any nut to fit your tripod screw thread)

Here are the steps:

  • First of all, take the binder and bend one of the handles to 90 degree angle.

In order to soften the edges and fix any bended handle to the clip, a duct tape can be used to tape the binder.

  • Attach the smartphone.

You will find this DIY tripod for iPhone easy to build although not very practical. Strong enough clip will hold your phone in place upright and tilted position.

binder clip tripod mount

How to Make an iPhone Tripod Semi Professional

This is the more intensive and expensive and surely harder project of making an iPhone tripod. Despite of that, you will find it quite easy, fast and cheap to do.

What you need are:

  • Velco or Duct tape
  • Wing nut fits the screw thread of your tripod
  • Steel angle with holes that fit the screw thread of your tripod
  • Cheap or spare phone case
  • Tripod


  • Over the tripod’s screw thread, you can place one of the steel angle holes. Then fix it using a wing nut.
  • Fix your phone with the back to the steel angle’s inside. Use Velcro to have the case used elsewhere or tape a spare phone case to the steel angle. The choice is yours.
  • If you choose the Velcro, make sure in aligning the camera lens with the pivot point on one axis. This is at least. The center of the lens is to be marked on the case. The mark is to be aligned with a matching hole in the steel angle. The picture below shows how it is done.

steel angle smartphone tripod mount

In short

You have to make sure in choosing well, preparing well, be thorough and the fine DIY iPhone tripod will be just yours. The tripod can also be used for other smartphones in the same size.

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