Best Selections of iPhone Tripod eBay with Prices

To help you in getting best pictures with your iPhone, a tripod will. Depending on size and other features of your phone, choosing the best fit one is a must. You will want a nice looking, flexible, durable and surely affordable tripod. iPhone tripod eBay can be accessed to learn more about the products offered at the site. Well, this post is letting you to know about best tripod selections on eBay. Details and specs including about prices are hoped to give you the references.

Flexible Tripod Octopus Grip Stand Holder Bluetooth Mount

flexible tripod octopus grip stand holder bluetooth mount

It is the perfect companion tripod for all photographers. Taking beautiful pictures can be achieved on any surface in all conditions. The tripod can support your camera weighing up to 1kg. This is nice if you vertically position it. In horizontal position, up to 500g can be supported.

Flexibility and versatility allow you to securely fasten to your smartphone or camera. You will only need a few seconds. Thanks to its 27 leg joints, you can bend and rotate it in all directions to securely wrap on branch of tree or even pole.

There are color options like black, red and blue. When it comes to the price it is only £6.97 or $ 8.64.

Flexible Tripod Octopus Tripod Grip Stand Holder Mount

flexible tripod octopus tripod grip stand holder mount

This octopus tripod has a fine quality of metal and plastic combination. Each of the three legs has nice balls. They will help you in getting best shape to change or fix anywhere needed. During trip, the tripod is for sure to become a great accessory in taking perfect pictures. Adapter mount included into the package which extends up to around 85mm. Almost all smartphones can fit the tripod including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note series.

There are awesome features offered:

  • High quality is 100% brand new
  • Full flexibility will let you o 360 rotational and bending range
  • Link attachment is removable with lock release button
  • There is no possibility of wobbling because of the solid stable construction


  • The design is made of rubber and metal material
  • 165×35×35mm size will be able to hold almost any size of phone
  • It is lightweight with only 100g
  • Up to 50g weight support makes it quite strong
  • The package includes 1 x Camera Clip and 1 x Tripod

When it comes to price, it is surely affordable. It is only £4.59 or $5.69.

Flexible Octopus Tripod 3 in 1 Bundle Bluetooth iPhone Camera Holder Samsung


flexible octopus tripod 3 in 1 bundle bluetooth iphone camera holder samsung

It is a great mini and portable tripod package. It includes phone holder adapter, Bluetooth shutter controller for Android and iOS. Selfies or welfies, the tripod will help you in getting great pictures.

When it comes to feature, there are wonderful things:

  • Very though
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Grips to almost anything like tree branch or even pole
  • Mobile phone holder that expands from 55mm to 85mm is included
  • Standard size metal adapter for all DSLR’s and digital cameras

The price is only £5.52 or $6.84.

Flexible Octopus Tripod Stand + Mount for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus 5 5S 5C 4 4S Camera

flexible octopus tripod stand mount

High quality of plastic and metal is featured on this octopus tripod with flexibility of the legs. Colors are black and white. Any shape to fix anywhere is certainly a great feature to take pictures almost anywhere. Specs like rubber + metal make a fine quality of finish. Its weight is 100g with size 165x35x35mm. It can support phone weight up to 500g.

The price is only  £4.59 or $6.84.

There are more of iPhone tripod to browse and learn on eBay. Just make sure to read all details to avoid mistakes and regrets on buying.

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