Best Mounts for iPhone 5 Tripod Options

iphone 5 tripod

iPhone 5 can create sharp photos and videos. They actually depend on the stability of how the phone held. In how to make sure to take best photos and videos using iPhone 5, mounting it is really a good option. There is no possibility of getting blurry pictures although in low light. Although the iPhone 5 is with built-in stabilization, using a tripod will help in getting more accuracy in the pixel. Just simply attach your phone into its built-in mount.

By using a tripod mount adapter, you can attach your iPhone 5 into a tripod. It will allow you connecting the device into any accessory that uses the standard 1/4-20 tripod socket. In this article, you are given some references about iPhone 5 tripod to become the great accessory that complete the device.

Tripod for iPhone 5 Selections

To grab videos and snapshots, mounts and adapters are used combined with a variety of tripods. There are many available options but here are most popular choices.

  • Adorama Adapter – It is made of plastic with design that uses a spring loaded metal. This will help you easily attaching the phone even with its case. The design is especially made for holding vertically. The price is only $7.
  • Mosy Smartphone Mount – It is a very flexible choice with rubber material. On the back, you will see an adhesive pad to allow you attach the phone case easily. The socket is treaded which slightly positioned off center of the tripod. Odd angles, leaning over the edge of a bridge or upside down, the adapter will surely help in getting sharp pictures. The price is $14.95.
  • Joby GripTight – Material is plastic that flexible which specially made for smartphone mount. This is easy to store into pocket. Just easily fold it down to a compact size. There is no need to worry about slipped iPhone from its place since of the spring-loaded grip. You will be able to carry the tripod with you. The price is only $19.95.
  • Capta Tripod Mount Phone Stand – It is made of aluminum in solid piece. A sticky adhesive is used to hold your iPhone in place securely. Great things about the adhesive pad are strong, reusable and will not leave any residue even mark. Indoors and outdoors use, you can use it to take a shoot at any angle. The price is only $29.95.
  • Kirk Bracket – The price is only $70 that you can get a solid allow aircraft aluminum. The adjustable bracket will make sure of easily and securely clamping the iPhone 5 into it. The mounting bracket is more than just a hardware because of its beautiful design look. From horizontal to vertical, a smooth rotation is featured very well. This mount has been most favorite today.

The mentioned iPhone 5 tripod adapters solved your dilemma, right? Creative shots are indeed yours to make with the help of the tripod and adapter. Choose the one you need to become a great accessory that helps you taking better photos and videos.

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