All Details and Specs about Gorilla Tripod iPhone

gorilla tripod iphone

You can take your mobile photography into the next level with Gorilla tripod iPhone. It is the flexible tripod accessory for smartphone/small tablet. Adaptability is wonderfully featured to make sure that your small tablet/smartphone in place. The GripTight Gorilla tripod is easy to adjust even by wrapping the legs around the poles or tree branches. It is almost anywhere to stand strong and stable to let you take great photos and videos. Balancing is simple even on uneven surfaces.

Some Features:

  1. Compatibility is universal to almost fit any smartphone. With or without case, you will find the Gorillapod stand is a design supports an iPhoone.
  2. Rely on the better perspective captured. The joints are so flexible and wrappable to secure your phone in place. You can also be sure of getting the best camera positioning with adaptable feature for the precise control. The photo and video composition is just nice to make.
  3. Stability is guaranteed. On tree branch, pole or any other uneven surface can be gripped by the rubber foot grips. They stabilize the phone for the best possible photos and videos to make.
  4. The grip is about reliability. In securing your phone in place, the rubber pads do a fine job. Flexibility allows you to turn it sideways without collapsing it.
  5. Durability of ABS plastic construction makes sure of secure hold after repeated use. This is because of the combination with steel internal structure that specially designed. It will survive the tear and wear of everyday use.

Small and Functional

Materials are best in class that lightweight and portable. Without adding extra weight, you can carry it in your bag. Long lasting and durable are for sure to let you use it for many years.

Two Products in One

One of the advantages using the Gorillapod stand is about multi-functionality. The GripTight mount can be detached and used in any tripod. Or, you can also have mini camcorder or the shoot & point to attach into the Gorillapod. You do it by using universal 1/4” tripod screw and slime-line quick release clip.

Small phone, small tablet and even large phone, the Gorillapod stand iPhone can hold your device in place. With the materials of ABS plastic, steel, stainless steel and TPE, great look and durability are just nice.

Almost regular sized phones can use the Gorilla tripod. What is your iPhone? Is it iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, Samsung Galaxy S® 4 or LG G2 or other? The GripTight XL will surely best fit your larger phones.

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