Best Tripods for iPhones and Other Smartphones Today

If you love mobile photography, then you cannot miss a tripod. iPhone tripod will help you taking best self-portraits. Shooting in low light can also be made better with the accessory. There are so many available in the market. Well, you need to make sure of flexibility, stability, strength and more of considerations when buying. In this article, you will learn about best tripods for iPhones and other smartphones for you to learn, compare and eventually select. iphonetripods lowres 1115 Details and specs about design and benefits are indeed should be learned to get the very best of the tripod. Well, we are giving you some of recommendations here.

Square Jellyfish Mount

square jellyfish mount A large iPhone can be held stable in the orientation of portrait or landscape. Although without legs, you van be sure of its stability. The Joby legs will make a fine support for the stronger and more flexibility than others. Just make sure of easy to reach by hand place when you are using your smartphone for time-lapses, low-light photography or slow-motion video. At any angle, you can take good pictures. The combo is still that you can throw into your shoulder bag. Holding the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, this tripod offers stability horizontal or vertical. Easily taking a shot or many shots can be enjoyed by combining with the Joby legs. You do not have to worry about any budget at all since your phone from the position. This is because of easy yet strong wrapping the legs. A street sign or a tree branch, you can count on it.

Joby GripTight Mount

joby griptight mount It is another wonderful tripod for iPhone. It is smaller than the model above. It is named the Joby GripTight Mount. A Large car key size, yes this is the dimension of the tripod for your iPhone or other smartphone. In the market, this one is the smallest that ever found. However, you can be sure of it holding your phone securely without any worry.

ChargerCity MegaGrab2 Selfie Kit

chargercity megagrab2 selfie kit For simple photography, and people with smaller than 6 inches of diagonal smartphone screen, this is going to be a fine tripod choice. It is included into the universal mounts for smartphones with flexibility of triple-leg combo. It will make a fine one among many options but do not expect the stability more and much weight to hold too.

iPhone Tripod for Most People

Depending on your requirements, it totally different each other in picking for the best tripod. Well, you can make sure of getting best one for your iPhone or other smartphones.

Joby GorillaPod Hybrid

joby gorillapod hybrid The tripod is perfectly suitable for tons of time-lapse, low-light photos and videos. You will make it a great investment with its flexibility. You better to pair it with a tripod-mount adapter. There are copycats versions available for you to access and shop online. The best buy versions are mini and plus magnetic. A variety of conditions can be made simpler with the tripod especially when it comes to practicality. Sturdier and more features are offered to give you a great experience with the accessory. ChargerCity is the best site where to buy it. Larger phones such as iPhone 7 can be held steadily. Compact or mirrorless camera, the GorillaPod Hybrid legs can hold up weight up to 2.2 pounds. Advanced features to make taking pictures easier are offered. A quick-release plate will let you to easily snap the phone. Mounting it apart from the legs is also nice. It is a lot better than screwing the mount onto the legs. The Joby legs and the Square Jellyfish mount can be paired together. The combo is easy to tote along in your pocket or bag. The Joby model is also strong enough to become small tripod for small mirrorless or a large point-and-shoot camera. joby legs and the square jellyfish mount

The Best Smartphone Tripod Mount

A great mount can be paired with another smartphone tripod. Or, if you already have the tripod and looking for the mount, there are best picks for your requirements.
  • Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount
square jellyfish metal spring tripod mount It has weight of keys set and roughly the size too. This is included into universal-screw mount that spring-loaded and small enough to be in a pocket. However, you will find it sturdy enough in tightly holding your phone. You can rotate the mount 360 degrees. You can be sure of its ability in holding your smartphone to stand upright. Whether landscape or portrait position, it is easy to attach to a phone. This also means quick flipping from landscape to portrait orientation. When you are using it without legs, it can support only propped up a phone at an angle. This will still keep you easy in using. Phones from 2¼ to 3⅝ inches wide, the Square Jellyfish mount them. This means okay to use for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or iPhone 7. Any phone with 6½ inches or larger will be a problem. There are also some complains about quality problems which most of them is overtightening. Well, there is a solution to crop the issue. One of them is by using basic black plastic version. The silver-colored metal version is strongly recommended for the mount.
  • Joby GripTight Mount
joby griptight mount The version is most pocketable and sleekest among all to keep your phone upright just in a pinch. A wide range of sizes of smartphones can be held securely although really small. A large key car, yes you can simply fold it down to be easily put in your pocket. There are 3 sizes available for you to choose from. They are 2.1 to 2.8 inches, 2.7 to 3.9 inches, and 3.7 to 5.4 inches widths.
  • ChargerCity MegaGrab2 Selfie Kit
chargercity megagrab2 selfie kit It has plenty of support and easily to collapse into a small bag. Compared to others, the price is less a half of Square Jellyfish mount and Joby Legs. Well, since of that, quality is less in built and supportive. Smaller phones can use the accessory which lesser in weight. Larger phones will find trouble in handling.

What to Look After

One of the primary considerations is about portability. It is the very best accessory to slip into a small bag or even your pocket. There are redesigned smartphone mounts to select if you are looking for some updated versions. Another thing to take into account is about sufficient stability. You will want the accessory to strongly and steadily stand while you are taking pictures or videos.